ib4e is founded based on a 'design -mind' approach .We do not believe in standard industry answers and business patterns. We take on the challenge head on as a ''unique project ''and we are delighted with the results!​
''Thinking like a designer can transform the way organizations develop products, services, processes, and strategies. Brings together what is desirable from a human point of view with what is technologically feasible and economically viable. ''


All our projects are'' pieces of art '' each one of them approached with passion and creativity ....

Bringing together Artists and Designers to build a community and promode creativity.


Art2beshop project is designed to bring together artists and designers, increase awareness for emerging artists, promote art and design , and provide sales and exhibition opportunities

We are creating a community where artists can conserve, promote and share information about their art. A space where the viewers can be informed about contemporary art, art and design trends and the work of professional and emerging designers in any art and design  field.

Our main focus is to create mutually beneficial relationships between art and society and in consequence between art and commerce

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LAURA BIAGIOTTI Watches & Accessories 


Laura Biagiotti is a very well known Italian brand.

Our  company  is  the official distributors for this new entry in fashion watches. Quality , feminity, and style is the 3 words that describe the collections that sure you will love. 

a small bio ..
Laura Biagiotti was born in Rome under the sign of Leo, is one of the biggest names in Italian fashion. Since 1980 lives and works in the Roman countryside, the Castle Marco Simone: a national monument of the eleventh century restored to its former glory after years of painstaking restoration with her husband Gianni Cigna, who died in August 1996.
The interest of Laura Biagiotti for fashion began in the '60s when he follows in the footsteps of his mother Delia Biagiotti Soldaini, founder of an atelier. In 1997 Lavinia Biagiotti Cigna joined the family, of which he is Vice President since 2005.
Laura Biagiotti is known worldwide for the extraordinary quality of its fashion: the New York Times called "The Queen of Cashmere" - the Queen of Cashmere - for his love for this precious yarn that has used since the first collection with a different approach and grown, evolving into a size fashion that before was unknown to him.

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​ROCCOBAROCCO  Watches & Jewels







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"AGALIA ELPIDAS" non profit organization for cerebral palsy kids​


We follow and support the organization with all posible means because we beleive that every kid  have the same human rights for Health,Education, Acceptance and Love...

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​WIZE & OPE Watches & Accessories 
Discover our world and our culture !
Wize for «wise» and ope for «open minded».
Wize and Ope is not only a brand of accessories but a philosophy and a lifestyle..
Be open to discover other cultures and be «open minded» is the values of the brand.
wize&ope was created on earth, in Paris, France in 2008.

Creators of the brand come from the teenager and «hip-adults» fashion market.

They are inspired by modern culture but also by japanese and american icons.

Wize for «wise» and ope for «open minded». Wize is a character who transforms into ope while traveling across the world and discovering different cultures, arts, and trends.Our products are interactive and fun. wize&ope has created a new way to personalize a watch and a music headphone. Thanks to our original, unique and copyrighted design.

We are now launching new categories of products as what people love about us is not only our products and designs but also our way of looking



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For over 80 years, Caterpillar has been building the world’s infrastructure and, in partnership with independent dealers, is driving positive and sustainable change on every continent. Caterpillar is a technology leader and the world's largest maker of construction and mining equipment, diesel andnatural gas engines and industrial gas turbines.

Caterpillar develops innovative and new high technology for its products. The same principle is applied to Cat timekeeping equipment lifestyle products. Constructed from the highest quality materials, Cat watches are developed to meet stringent requirements, without compromises.

Each Cat watch encompasses cutting edge design and high functionality to offer a solid performance in a variety of active situations. Cat watches offer just the right watch for any man with great emphasis being attached to the casual and powerful design of the watch and the philosophy behind the Caterpillar brand.

Caterpillar is synonymous with reliability, durability and cutting edge technology since 1904.


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