It’s 1989. Bigger is better. On the basketball court Michael Jordan flaunts his namesake baskeball shoes. Enters the stage Dominique Wilkins, on his feet the new Reebok Pump. Suddenly it’s all about “Pump up and air out”.25 years later, the Reebok Pump is more alive and kicking than ever. Called “PL” in homage to the Pump’s architect, the “PL”-watch melts retro design with today’s technology.The “PL” impresses with a custom-made and unique 3-step “pump”-display: blow up the digits and it will blow up your mind! In addition to this unique “pump up” feature, the "PL" sports a stopwatch with stop/go Pump button, laps, recall and alarm functions as well as water resistance up to 50 meters.DIAMETER42MMCASEABS, MORANGESTRAPPU, MORANGE, WARRIOR BLACKDIALGREY, BLACK DIGITSMOVEMENT DIGITAL / PUMP-UP DISPLAY, STOPWATCH, LAPS, RECALL, ALARM WATER RESISTANCE5 ATM


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