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Changes in consumer behavior, the emergence of large and powerful rivals,  the consolidated and strong suppliers, and the complex sourcing are shaping a new competitive landscape in retailing.

How do we use transactional point-of-sale and loyalty-card data to better understand consumers and better serve them?

How do we determine the right portfolio of products, services,  and locations for future growth? 

we are commited to lead you to  answers , all the way to success ..


We are the exclusive  distributors for the following brands :

  • ROCCOBARROCO watches & Jewels 

  • LAURA BIAGIOTTI watches & jewels

  • WIZE & OPE Watches & Accessories 

  • CAT watches

  • BRISTON watches

  • REEBOK watches 

  • BOCCADAMO-MYA  jewels /accessories


We 'partner' with suppliers  and clients to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their future.


Our goal at ib4e 

 is to provide you with Brands and Services designed to boost your business and lead you to financial growth achieving  your dreams of Success 

Check out our brands and services....


ib4e is founded based on a 'design -mind' approach. We do not believe in standard industry answers and business patterns. We take on the challenge head on as a ''unique project ''and we are delighted with the results!

All our projects are'' pieces of art '' and each one of them we approach it with passion and creativity ....

“Building relationships, our knowledge of the industry and our reputation ensure our future and our success   in the market.”

Miltiades Markantonis 

Managing Director of ib4e.